In the following, we offer you all the information relative to the rules and legislation applicable to this CUNEXT GROUP website.

  1. Holder and purposes: responsible for the website and its purposes.
  2. Terms of use for users and customers: how our website is to be used by users and customers.
  3. Exclusions from liability: cases where we cannot be held responsible for the functioning or inactivity of our website.
  4. Linking policy: which sites our website links to and who can link to our website.
  5. Intellectual property: rights to the content of our website.
  6. Privacy policy: information on the processing of personal data, applicable rights, processing and security principles.
  7. Cookies directive: tools to track your visit to our website and information and decision about its blocking and consequences.
  8. Applicable law: rules applicable to these legal notices

Any doubt, suggestion or consultation on the use of this web page will be attended to at the following e-mail info@cunext.com

1. Holder and purposes

CUNEXT COPPER INDUSTRIES, SL as the administrative company of CUNEXT GROUP manages the www.cunext.com website for:

  • To provide information on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the business group.
  • To show information about our business group and how it works by listing its certified warranties.
  • To exhibit the products, we manufacture and to serve as a channel of communication with our customers.
  • To inform about the privacy policy applicable to the processing of personal data that we carry out.

2. Terms of use for users and customers

Access to this website is free of charge for any user and for the customers of the companies that make up the CUNEXT GROUP and implies acceptance of these terms of use.

The customers of companies that make up the CUNEXT GROUP can request their credentials to access the CUNEXT GROUP restricted area of the web page reserved for them, committing to make diligent and confidential use of the password provided. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw access to those who do not comply with these terms of use without prior notice.

All users and customers are obliged to make proper and lawful use of our website, abstaining from causing damage, inputting or spreading viruses or any system that may cause damage.

3. Exclusions from liability

We reserve the right to make any changes we deem appropriate to this website, and may change, delete or add content or products shown on it, as well as how they appear or are located.

We cannot be held responsible for the lack of availability of the website for reasons beyond our control (technical problems on the network, with telecommunications service providers, equipment breakdowns and other unforeseeable incidents such as repairs, maintenance and software updates). Likewise, we cannot be held responsible for erroneous or faulty connections due to a malfunction of the browser used by the user or the use of non-updated versions of such browsers, nor can we guarantee that our website is compatible with all hardware or software that the user or customer may user.

4. Links policy

Our website links to the social network profiles of CUNEXT COPPER INDUSTRIES, SL and to the Google Maps location of each of the companies in the business group.

In order to link to our website, express permission must be requested from CUNEXT COPPER INDUSTRIES, SL, which, in any case reserves the right to prohibit or limit the latter.

5. Intellectual property

The domain name is owned by CUNEXT COPPER INDUSTRIES, SL and its exclusive use is reserved for the CUNEXT GROUP. It also owns all intellectual property rights of the website, all its contents (texts, logos, signs, trademarks, trade names, industrial drawings and designs, or any other signs susceptible to commercial and industrial use) and the source code and graphic design of the website.

The reproduction, distribution and public communication of all or part of the contents of this website on any medium and by any means without our authorization is expressly prohibited.

6. Applicable legislation

The applicable law in case of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms that make up these legal notices shall be Spanish law.